Gourmet pizza: everything you need to know

What is gourmet pizza

In recent years we hear more and more often about the Pizza Gourmet , it is a new trend that has brought an evolution, almost revolutionary, to the profession of pizza maker and therefore to the creation of pizza itself. Greater attention to the ingredients , the choice of local products, the local raw materials , the quality and the particularity of the dough are the characteristics of the gourmet pizza which in essence has a short supply chain. A modern product that primarily emphasizes the dough, soft but consistent, highly digestible and light, with quality, local, even better organic ingredients. Gourmet is a term used to refer to refined food , a refined cuisine. However, in the context of pizza this term is used to describe a niche of products that have great quality. Although there has not been a school that has led to the advent of this type of pizza, certainly the work of some, such as chef Carlo Cracco , has been providential for a trend that has spread to Italy and then around the world.

Characteristics of gourmet pizza

As anticipated, the real peculiarity of gourmet pizza is in its preparation , therefore in the specific characteristics. Reading on any menu the difference between classic and gourmet pizza , in addition to the price, you can appreciate the specifics. Gourmet pizzas always accurately describe the type of dough, the leavening performed, the derivation of the ingredients and in the case the seasoning period, the maturation of the meat, and all the details on the territoriality of the products. Often using products at " km0" in fact this type of pizza requires clarification so that the customer can better appreciate what he is tasting.

This is therefore the main difference with the classic pizza of which, without disregarding the taste , we never know the origin of the ingredients rather than the leavening used, the type of flour, etc.

How to make gourmet pizza at home

Precisely for all these characteristics it is clear that it is possible to easily make gourmet pizza even at home . Obviously, you have to pay close attention to the dough and the ingredients. Fundamental then have a product that can guarantee a perfect cooking like the Spice Caliente pizza oven to guarantee a truly impeccable cooking and therefore the success of this much appreciated dish. To make gourmet pizza at home it is important to buy fresh products, then select a small delicatessen or a fresh food retailer near your home, rather than things bought from large retailers. Better still if you have a trusted butcher who can guarantee you some local delicacies. To be successful gourmet pizza must privilege the territory , so it is good to buy local products, only in this way can you truly aim for an incredible product. Another thing to do is to make the dough at home, so don't buy the one already made to save time. All this will be essential to obtain a respectable pizza.

Ideas for gourmet pizza at home

To prepare gourmet pizza at home, you must first start with the dough. To do this, you need to have flour of your own types , you can choose the classic durum wheat one and another variant such as the wholemeal one that gives incredible freshness. re-milled flour is the best one because it helps the dough to grow and be very tasty. Then you need some brewer's yeast, water and a little strength in your arms. To prepare the dough, you must always consider a main flour, then the classic one, about 350 grams and then 150 grams of a different flour, to whet the palate. The yeast must be specific for pizza and can be in powder or to be dissolved. To prepare the dough, you can put everything in a large bowl, obviously it is better to use your hands because even if it is uncomfortable, it allows you to understand the leavening state well. A little secret often used in gourmet doughs is the addition, together with the water of a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil , to give the dough even more flavor.

Once the dough has been prepared, for it to become sticky, you have to wait at least 20 hours . Many pizza makers who make gourmet pizza then use to reshuffle everything and then let it rest again. For the filling, on the other hand, you can choose seasonal products such as zucchini, aubergines but also the inevitable mozzarella or more gourmet products such as burrata, mortadella, pistachio flakes and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. The secret is precisely in the combination. If a person makes a pizza in Naples, obviously he will favor local ingredients, therefore cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil.

Those who instead juggle the production of a gourmet pizza in Bologna will take advantage of local cold cuts (to be put raw) with seasonal vegetables, or those who produce it in Bari will have to play a lot with olives, stracciata, taralli or in Calabria for something very spicy with nduja.

This is a fundamental part because in addition to the processing of the dough which is common, what changes is the selection of the ingredients and an excellent oven where you can cook pizza. Even if this aspect appears secondary, it is not, for the success of a good gourmet pizza you need the perfect temperature and the tool that guarantees it.

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