5 recipes to take to the beach

Sea, summer, health and hydration

In summer, for a perfect lunch on the beach, you are spoiled for choice: cold rice, pasta salad, stuffed sandwiches and - why not - even a sweet or savory brunch, accompanied by light and refreshing drinks that hydrate the skin, helping it to defend itself from the action of the sun and salt, while promoting proper digestion.

Just a little time and creativity, follow your own taste and try to guess the preferences of our potential guests, creating tasty and colorful dishes that make you happy and stimulate your appetite even when it's very hot.

And we can also indulge in some small gluttony: just dose the individual portions and enjoy our favorite food without sacrifices or regrets, fully enjoying our day of vacation.

Restaurant or packed lunch?

Although it is possible to have lunch at restaurants and buffets by the sea almost everywhere, many of us prefer to personally prepare the dishes in advance to be enjoyed comfortably under an umbrella.

Pushing towards this solution is not only the economic factor (eating out is still more expensive ...), but also the health need or the need to manage meals following a diet that includes certain foods or excludes others.

A controlled snack, a refreshing drink to take with you for a day spent by the sea: everything is easier if you use the most suitable containers, which allow you to transport food comfortably and safely, without the risk of spills and maintaining the ideal conditions and organoleptic qualities of each dish.

5 recipes to eat on the beach

1. Cantonese rice salad

A timeless classic for lunches in the hottest season, but in a new version of oriental inspiration: Jasmine rice cooked al dente, left to cool completely and then seasoned with boiled peas, diced ham and strips of omelette. By adding corn and a whimsical pickled salad, we will obtain a perfect East / West 'mix and match'.

2. Harlequin pasta salad

Another evergreen on summer tables, available in a thousand cheerful, tasty and satisfying versions. Today we suggest a perfect variant for eating well even on very hot days: farfalle or fusilli al dente, colorful squares of peppers (yellow, green and red), with the delicious touch of a few thin slices of red onion. And the proteins? Salmon strips or smoked swordfish of your choice.

3. Parmesan muffin

If we do not want to give up the stuffed sandwich, we choose a delicious version based on fried aubergines, tomato sauce and slices of cheese, kept inside a small, soft and fragrant focaccia. For a light version we choose grilled aubergines or courgettes, freshly crushed Pachino tomatoes and parmesan flakes.

4. Caponata and cheese quiche

A savory pie that can also be tasted cold: bake a shell of shortcrust pastry in the oven with beaten eggs and crème fraîche, garnish it with a caponata of aubergines, green olives, capers and white onions; add cubes of fresh or spicy cheese to taste and season with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, perfuming with a few basil leaves.

5. Fruit and shrimp salad

Scented with basil, digestible and perfect for hydrating, thanks to the water contained in the yellow melon and pineapple, it is a complete and nutritious single dish thanks to the diced avocado and boiled shrimp. And if we prefer a slightly spicy taste, we add a grind of black pepper.

How to take lunch to the beach

To comfortably enjoy our lunch by the sea, we choose to transport your favorite dishes in safe containers, specially designed to contain food, made with certified and non-toxic materials.

Like the special thermal bags with numerous compartments, complete with everything you need for dining outside the home, including cutlery.

And in the cooler bag there is also room for a comfortable and colorful stainless steel water bottle, with double insulated internal lining, which keeps any drink fresh for up to 24 hours.

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