3 detox drinks to prepare at home and drink under the umbrella

What to drink on the beach to feel better

Drinking on the beach is a common need, however making use of various types of drinks, perhaps iced, is not a cure-all but only worsens thirst and above all does not help the well-being of the body. Hydrating properly serves to feel good but above all helps to mitigate the heat and get a homogeneous tan. Carbonated, sweetened, alcoholic drinks should not be consumed when exposed to the sun. These are deleterious, they worsen the conditions of the organism already tried by the scorching temperature. For this you need to make sure you drink 2 liters of water a day.

Detox drinks under the umbrella

Detox drinks are the best choice because they combine the principles that the body needs, improve the health of the organism and help eliminate all unnecessary and harmful toxins. Obviously, purifying drinks are unlikely to be sold on the beach bar, so it is necessary to equip yourself from home. The drinks in this case are detoxifying and all have a water base, which is why they are pleasant and refreshing and above all they are good for the body. Purifying drinks should not be fruit juices or smoothies but water-based detox drinks, in this way the body is kept lighter, then you can always eat some fresh fruit as a snack. You can work with your imagination, just mix ingredients such as fruit, vegetables and spices. Lemon is always a winning ally for the line, while spices are used to give a touch of originality to the taste.

3 detox drinks to prepare at home

The detox drinks to take under the umbrella must be fresh, healthy, able to lift the body from the summer heat and above all pleasant to drink. They should be sipped, not drunk frozen and sweetened if necessary with a natural product such as honey, raw cane sugar, whole coconut sugar.

Mint, brown sugar and green tea

Prepare a normal green tea, using if possible not a sachet but loose tea. Once ready, let it cool. Take some mint leaves, wash them well and then add them to the tea. Refrigerate overnight, filter everything, then add the brown sugar and fresh mint leaves (previously kept in the freezer). The effect will be of a real trendy drink, but perfect health.

Turmeric, orange and grapefruit

This beach drink serves to increase metabolism, fight muscle pain, help the body in general and the liver in particular. Press the juice of an orange for 500 ml, then a medium-sized grapefruit. Then add a sprinkle of turmeric. If desired, you can also add a teaspoon of honey to soften the sour taste. The drink will have a perfect cost, a smooth texture and above all it will give the body an edge.

Carrots, tomatoes, lemon, celery

A detox drink rich in natural antioxidants that strengthen the immune system, help the body cleanse and feel good. Take a juicer and proceed with 1 tomato and 1 lemon. Combine everything with half a liter of water. Separately with the blender, pass the celery and raw carrots with peel. Put the preparation in gauze, close and infuse in the water with tomato and lemon. In the morning, filter everything.

Thermal flasks: the life preserver for every season

Thermal flasks are an essential purchase, they allow you to transport beach drinks while preserving the quality and above all the temperature. They are also useful throughout the year because thanks to these tools you can always carry water around, having it fresh without spending money on bottles, you can take tea and herbal teas everywhere without problems, even at work. This results in considerable economic savings and the possibility of having your favorite drink, anywhere.

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