10 curiosities about pizza

pizza is the best known Italian dish in the world and also the most loved. So popular that it boasts imitations practically everywhere. It is not only a simple and genuine cuisine that refreshes the palate but also a delicious dish that recalls the home, the local tradition and above all offers full customization. There is pizza with tomato and mozzarella but also more complex variants with cheeses, mushrooms and even seafood. Precisely this being so tasty and so delicious makes it so much appreciated. However, not everyone knows about nice curiosities that a pizza connoisseur must absolutely know.

Pizza: the original recipe

1. The pizza we eat today, the one appreciated in any city, follows the traditional Neapolitan recipe. That of the seventeenth century was white, simple, with coarse salt, garlic and lard or, for the wealthiest with cheese and basil. However, the tomato will not arrive before the eighteenth century, again in Neapolitan cuisine and then in Italy. At that point the Neapolitan pizza turns red and begins its rise in the world starting from Campania.

The success of pizza in the world

2. The success of the pizza was not all Italian. If the Neapolitans invented it, it is thanks to the Americans for having made it famous. America has praised this food, making it a myth and then inventing a version that has a completely different mixture. Yet the States have made it a real rock star, thanks also to the chains that have sprung up for the production of pizza and celebrities like Julia Roberts who over time have praised this Italian dish.

The first pizza sold online

3. The first pizza sold online was made and sent by Pizza Hut in 1994. The Californian store opened a site where it was possible to order a pizza directly from the sofa at home. This is the first example of e-commerce linked to the sale of this product. In the nineties others also tried to make a buck with pizza. Sergey Brin, one of the inventors of Google, tried to create a system that allowed you to order pizza over the internet and using the fax but it was a real disaster.

The most expensive pizza

4. The most expensive pizza in the world was sold in 2009 to a young man who paid 10,000 bitcoins for two home delivery daisies. This is the programmer Laszlo Hanyecz who did not know the value that bitcoins would soon have, or 126 million euros.

A Pizza-based diet

5. One of the curiosities that will please the health-conscious is that inherent in a diet based on the exclusive consumption of pizza. It is a 1200-calorie low-calorie diet that allows you to eat only pizza for a whole week, for both lunch and dinner. Obviously it is essential to choose a simple type, perhaps with tomato or vegetables, banishing the more caloric ones.

What is the best Italian pizza?

6. According to Gambero Rosso, the best pizza in Italy is produced by the pizza chef Francesco Martucci de I Masanielli and the pizza chef Franco Pepe di Pepe in grains both in the province of Caserta. Only the city of Naples, in Campania, boasts approximately 1500 pizzerias in the area. Looking at the podium of the ranking, in fact, almost all the top ten pizzerias that have won the award are of Campania origin and specifically divided between Naples and Caserta. The podium holders have distinguished themselves in recent years, always receiving the award for the best pizza in Italy, thanks to the variety of doughs, the unique taste of the ingredients and respect for tradition.

UNESCO World Heritage

7. Pizza is considered a cultural heritage for Italy to the point of being recognized as a UNESCO heritage along with the Mediterranean diet. It represents not only a delicious dish, despite its simplicity, but also a cultural and identity symbol for Italy which is represented in the world with this delight. In any part of the world, even the most distant, there are Italian restaurants that promote the art of pizza. But be careful not to confuse yourself with Turkish and Arab restaurants that often offer a pizza, very different from the Italian one, of which they are sometimes said to be supporters.

The strangest pizzas in the world

8. Among the strangest pizzas ever made are the pineapple one, much loved in the US and in many foreign countries, but also pizza with fruit such as kiwi, strawberries, asparagus. However, there is even a pizza with insects in some countries. Some are so terrible even in the imagination that it has been expressly requested worldwide to eliminate their production.

A pizza museum?

9. In Philadelphia, in the USA, there is the Pizza museum. It's called Pizza Brain and was created by the namesake Brian Dwyer who entered the Guinness Book of Records for being the world's largest collector of pizza-themed items. This is not the only record relating to the world of pizza, in the text it is also possible to ascertain many records achieved in Italy, such as the largest pizza in the world or the largest number of pizzas made at the same time.

Pizzerias in the world

10. The highest number of pizzerias in the world is found in Italy and the figure is clearly not surprising, but it is surprising that following there are cities like Sao Paulo in Brazil where there are 6500 and the city of New York with 5000 pizzerias. It is therefore no coincidence that many Americans are convinced that pizza was invented in the USA and not in Italy and that they bring this idea high, while serving customers a type of pizza with a totally different dough from the Italian one, more demanding and definitely more expensive.

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