Black Friday: history and curiosities

What is Black Friday and how is it organized

One of the days most awaited by traders and consumers, Black Friday, was born in America and takes place the day after the Thursday set for Thanksgiving ... today it is a common practice all over the world.

One of the days most awaited by traders and consumers, Black Friday, was born in America, takes place the day after the Thursday set for Thanksgiving and is now a widespread custom all over the world.

During the "Black Friday", thanks to the convention that leads the shops to offer the goods discounted up to 90%, it is possible to make really advantageous purchases.

But why is it "black"? The Italian translation can be deceiving, suggesting a bad day. In reality, the meaning of this expression is just the opposite and dates back to the time when shopkeepers wrote the accounting records by hand, marking the losses in red, while the surplus accounts were written in black.

And, thanks to the promotions on Friday after Thanksgiving, the budget could only be written in black!

Black Friday, when it was born and why

Black Friday is closely linked to Thanksgiving Day, a religious celebration whose origin dates back to 1621.

Established by the Pilgrim Fathers fleeing England and emigrating to North America, Thanksgiving was the occasion to celebrate the abundance of the first harvest; according to tradition, even then the managers of the first shops got into the habit of selling, the day following Thanksgiving, the remains of the holiday at bargain prices.

In (relatively) more recent times, exactly in 1924, the Macy's shopping chain had the idea of ​​setting a specific day on which to carry out unique promotions, believing that the most appropriate was the day following Thanksgiving Thursday.

But it was in the early 80s that Black Friday was a worldwide success, assuming a fixed frequency.

On this day, people go in search of the bargain impossible to find in the rest of the year and, given the period in which the extraordinary sale is organized, about a month after Christmas, they also take the opportunity to buy gifts at advantageous prices.

When is Black Friday celebrated?

The day of exceptional sales was set from its origins the day after Thanksgiving, one of the most important holidays for the USA, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Consequently, the Black Friday deadline is not fixed, but depends on when Thanksgiving Day is celebrated.

Today, with the expansion of the online market, Black Friday is organized not only by physical stores but also by e-commerce, taking on an even more agile and accessible dimension. Due to its extraordinary popularity, Black Friday has now - in fact - transformed into "Black Week", because many shopkeepers offer offers for a whole week, starting the promotions well in advance of the fixed date.

Some curiosities about Black Friday

On the occasion of Black Friday, the enthusiasm (let's call it that ...) of potential buyers has often given rise to curious and, in some cases, truly surreal events.

Like when, according to the global network Insider, a couple waited 14 hours outside a store to buy a couple of towels for $ 2.

In 2016, then, the wait of the crowd in front of the retail Target in St. George was so long that, at the time of opening, it took 40 minutes for all the people in the queue to enter.

And there were also those who made the wrong entrance door behind which to wait (believing themselves to be very smart ...) and were seen being bypassed by those who, instead, had chosen the right door, losing the opportunity to buy the product for buy which he had been waiting all night.

What to buy on Black Friday: shopping tips

When the most anticipated Friday of the year is about to arrive, if you want to conclude really convenient deals, it is good to get organized in time. To take advantage of the offers without being deceived, it is better to go to physical stores during the previous days, viewing the prices of the products, so that you can compare them with those of Black Friday and check the effectiveness of the discounts.

On the online market, this activity is even easier to carry out: just browse, wait, book the products and take advantage of the offers as soon as they are activated. And since during Black Friday you can really buy everything, it is better to focus attention on what is really useful, without being tempted by compulsive shopping. By rationalizing purchases, you can spend less and get hold of objects that at other times of the year you are perhaps forced to buy at full price.

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